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Inspiration Unlimited is a project founded by Canadian Member of Parliament Ryan Leef, who represents the electoral district of Yukon.

MP Leef believes that having healthy communities is a fundemental building block of prosperity. The first initiative of Inspiration Unlimited is Leef's Border To Border campaign.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Jerky Shooter in Calgary

Do you want to purchase a in Calgary City, Canada? A jerky shooter, also known as a jerky gun enables you to make your jerky faster and in fun ways. That’s when compared to the previous way of making jerky, which was labor intensive. Jerky shooters are also available in many sizes. They can hold 8-24 ounces of ground meat. You can also enjoy a variety of jerky shooter tips, which enables you to shape any meat into various strips or sticks. This guide gives you 5 reasons why you should consider buying a jerky shooter, Calgary.

Less Labor
  • A jerky shooter, Calgary ensures the jerky making process is less labor intensive. That’s because the previous way involved slicing, tenderizing and seasoning the meat.
  • You then marinated and dried it. It meant the result was irregular, jerky shapes, because of slicing by hand. It meant you had to be mentally and physically prepared to handle this task. Jerky shooters make this process much easier.

Conserves Meat
  • You also use less meat. That’s because the traditional way yields you one pound of jerky from at least three pounds of meat. The jerky shooter works by cutting and forming jerky.
  • It means you get more creative when using this device. You also combine spices, a dash of liquid smoke and seasonings to the ground meat. The resulting mixture then gets placed in the barrel of the jerky shooter and pressed onto a drying tray.
  • You can blend tougher and softer types of meat into this mix. That ensures you don’t waste meat. Using the jerky shooter, you can get one pound of jerky from one and a half pound of ground meat.

Allows Creativity
  • Another advantage of using jerky shooters is that they give room for more creativity. A jerky shooter, Calgary has tips that can produce either strips or tubes of meat.
  • They also come with the same thickness. That means you will produce evenly cooked and dry pieces. You can also use tips that create two strips or tubes at a time, ensuring your produce your jerky fast.

Fun To Use and Easy To Store
  • Jerky shooters are also fun to use. They are also the fastest way to make your jerky. You can store them in vacuum seal bags, freezer or camping gear. That’s as a result of their shape.

Flavor Combinations
  • Another benefit of using a jerky shooter is that they allow you to combine different flavors of the meat. You can use them when making venison jerky. This type of jerky is too dry as a result of its leanness to be done on its own.
  • That means you need to combine venison with pork or beef. It enables you to produce jerky that’s appealing in its taste and texture.

Final Thoughts
Purchasing a jerky shooter, Calgary should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and buy jerky guns that suit your jerky making needs.

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