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Ryan Leef - MP Yukon

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Leaders in Life

Ryan Leef, MP Yukon, is a former pro MMA fighter and defensive tactics instructor for the Department of Justice. Using MP Leef’s background, he launched his “Leaders in Life: Mixed Martial Arts against Bullying” program.

“Leaders in Life is an awesome Anti-Bullying initiative”, Leef says. “Along with the introduction to MMA sport, kids hear the more important lessons for life success. Understand and respect yourself and others, be creative as you reach for your goals and dreams, and be solution oriented. MMA sport supports this message and that’s great for kids.”

MP Leef has held several Leaders in Life anti-bullying clinics, and hopes to continue with more in the future. Youth who participated received MMA against bullying shirts; a certificate signed by the athletes and coaches; along with some cool swag provided by UFC Canada.

Leef hopes to see this grow across Yukon Communities where recreation can be limited and youth often find themselves bored. "I hope other MP's see the value of this and pick it up for rural, northern, and urban locations".

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